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Headmaster's Welcome


It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Pointer School. We are an independent co-educational school for boys and girls from 3-11 years of age. Being in the heart of London gives the school a breadth of character and personality that has been at the core of our educational philosophy for over 70 years. 

We are very much a Christian school at our foundation. This is the compass we use to guide our pupils through the school, from being kind and compassionate individuals, to fully appreciating the wider world that we live in. 

We proudly describe Pointers children as self-confident and generous in spirit and believe they will transition to senior school at 11 years old as young citizens ready to take on the world. How do we do this? Well, we give the pupils opportunities to grow their confidence and explore their interests. This starts in the classroom but runs through everything in the school from sport and music to drama and chess. We also have a keen interest in supporting our local community and, indeed, projects beyond in places like Tanzania. 

Our school is proof that you can be highly academically ambitious without being selective. Children join us and are immediately immersed into a bespoke education with small class sizes (never over 20) and a focus on every child fulfilling their potential. We talk about finding the right senior school for our children, predominantly a range of excellent independent and Grammar schools across the capital. As many as a quarter of our pupils gain prestigious scholarships for 11 plus entry. 

You will find us on the corner of the Heath, housed in Georgian buildings with as much character as our school. You are very welcome to visit to see for yourselves and see the school in action.

Adam M Greenwood BSc (Hons), DIntS, PGCE, GCGI, FRSA, MBA

Adam was appointed as Headmaster of the Pointer School in early 2019 becoming the fourth Head of the school since its founding in 1950. He has previously taught in both the independent and state sector and is a governor at a local Grammar school. Prior to teaching, he was a Captain in the British Army, serving across the world. His interest in leadership has spanned his entire career including completing an MBA in Educational Leadership (International) to now studying for a doctorate in Leadership and Learning, both at UCL IOE. He is the author of Teaching: A Field Manual, released in September 2021.

His children attend the school and his wife works in the Early Years, making the school very much a family affair.


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