Inspection Results

Our last full inspection (educational quality and focused compliance) was in June 2022 where we were judged to be "excellent in all areas" the highest possible rating. The Inspector's report made the following comments:

  • "Pupils at the Pointer School demonstrate high levels of academic and extra-curricular achievement as a result of adaptive teaching, nurturing pastoral care, and thoughtfully planned resources. The commitment of senior leaders ensures pupils attain excellent results in externally standardised tests and curriculum assessments throughout the year."
  • "Pupils have an excellent understanding of themselves and, as embodied in the Pointer School Way, benefit from the whole school approach to being one’s ‘best self’."
  • "[Pupils] never shrink from challenge and relish those opportunities they are given. Pupils are curious in their approach and they independently seek opportunities to extend their learning, for example, conducting their own research in additional projects.”
  • "[Pupils] also understand how to be mentally healthy, and the school creates an environment where this aspect of their lives is taken seriously and is seen as an area for all pupils to nurture."
  • "By Year 6, [pupils'] writing skills are particularly highly developed, as seen in a narrative story, 'I was cloaked in fear, my hands trembled and I felt that my heart was ticking its final tock."
  • "Pupils' knowledge, understanding and sensitive appreciation of the beliefs of others' faiths and religions is a characteristic of Pointer School pupils, and is an uncomplicated and natural part of the DNA of the school. Pupils demonstrate considerable respect for one another, whatever their cultural backgrounds, gender or traditions. They clearly value the multi-cultural ethos of their school."
Inspection Results

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