Senior School Destinations


Our results show that you can be academically ambitious without being selective. We have a consistent track record of our pupils leaving at 11 plus to some of the best Independent and Grammar Schools in London. Last year, over a fifth of our pupils received prestigious scholarship offers in academics, sport, music, drama and art. 

We guide our pupils and parents through every step of the 11 plus process. It starts in Year 4 with verbal and non-verbal reasoning, following into Year 5 and 6 where the curriculum remains broad and exciting, whilst specific to entrance requirements for schools in the area. 

Over the past 4 years our most popular schools fall into four key categories:

  • Local: Eltham College, Colfe's, St. Dunstan's, and Blackheath High School
  • Dulwich Schools: Alleyn's, Dulwich College, and JAGS
  • Further afield: City of London, Cobham Hall, Bromley High School, and Farrington's
  • Grammar Schools: Bexley, Kent, and Bromley

At Pointers we talk about the right school for each child, rather than having preconceived ideas about where children should go to aged 11. Other popular schools include Christ's Hospital, King's Rochester, The King's School Canterbury, Sylvia Youngs Theatre School, and Kingston Grammar. 


2022/23 Leavers Destinations

School Places Accepted Scholarships
Colfe's 9 7
Eltham College
6 1
Blackheath High 2
Farringtons School 2 2
Leigh Academy 2
Alleyn’s School 1 1
Babington House School 1
City of London School 1
Dulwich College 1
The King’s School, Canterbury 1
King’s School, Winchester 1
St Dunstan’s College 1
St Paul’s Cathedral School 1
Thomas Tallis School 1
Townley Grammar School 1
Wilmington Grammar School 1

2021/22 Leavers Destinations

School Places Accepted Scholarships
Colfe's 7
Eltham College
5 3
Blackheath High 5
Eaton Square School 2
Newstead Wood Grammar 2
St Dunstan's College 2
Bexley Grammar 1
Cobham Hall 1
Dartford Grammar 1
Dulwich College Singapore 1
International Community School 1
King Richard III College 1
Leigh Academy 1
The Centagon International School 1

2020/21 Leavers Destinations

School Places Accepted Scholarships
Eltham College 8 2 (1 academic, 1 sports)
Colfe's 7 2 (academic)
Leigh Academy 3
Blackheath High 2
St Dunstan's College 1 1 (academic)
Bexley Grammar 1
Alleyn's 1
Farlington School 1
St Paul's Cathedral School 1
Townley Grammar 1
The Sittingbourne School 1
Sevenoaks School 1
Bromley High School 1

2019/20 Leavers Destinations

School Places Accepted Scholarships
Colfe's 12 1 (academic)
Eltham College 5 4 (academic)
1 (sports)
JAGs 2
St Dunstan's College 3 1 (academic)
City of London 1 1 (academic)
Dulwich College 1
Farringtons 1
Cobham Hall 1
St Ursula's 1
Bexley Grammar 1
Newstead Wood School 1
British School of Toyko 1

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