Head's Welcome


It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Pointer School, an independent co-educational school for boys and girls from 3-11 years of age. Being in the heart of London gives the school a breadth of character and personality that has been at the core of our educational philosophy for over 70 years. 

We are very much a Christian school at our foundation. This is the compass we use to guide our pupils through the school, from being kind and compassionate individuals, to fully appreciating the wider world that we live in. 

We proudly describe Pointers pupils as "self-confident and generous in spirit" and believe they will transition to senior school as young citizens ready to take on the world. We do this by giving the pupils opportunities to grow their self-confidence and explore their interests. This starts in the school community, which is proudly international and diverse in makeup. It is evident in the curriculum, where lessons challenge our pupils and provide them with opportunities to take ownership of their learning. Outside of the classroom our extensive programme of extracurricular clubs allows pupils to find and develop unique talents, from chess to robotics, dance to debating.

Our school is proof that it is possible to be highly academically ambitious without being selective. Children join us and are immediately immersed into a bespoke education with small class sizes (our average class size is 16 pupils) and a focus on every child fulfilling their potential. We talk about finding the best senior school for each individual child, rather than simply funneling them towards the "best" school based purely on league table results. Our pupils move on to a range of excellent independent and Grammar schools across the capital. As many as a quarter of our pupils gain prestigious scholarships for 11 plus entry. 

At The Pointer School, we like to describe ourselves as a family. You will find us on the corner of the Heath, housed in Georgian and Victorian buildings with as much character as our school. You are warmly invited to visit, meet the family, and see our wonderful school for yourselves.

Charlotte Crookes MA (Cantab), MA, PGCE


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