Who to talk to

Senior Leadership at Pointers

Please find below a summary of the roles and responsibilities at The Pointer School, so that you are able to approach the right member of staff.

In the first instance, you should always speak to your child’s class teacher. Please note that it is the school’s policy to always request the detail of a meeting in advance.

Any issues which cannot be resolved by your child's class teacher should be referred to the relevant Assistant Head. These are:

  • Mrs Potts - Assistant Head (EYFS)
  • Mrs Bogan - Assistant Head (KS1)
  • Mr Jenkins - Assistant Head (KS2 and Secondary Transition)

Academic concerns may also be referred to the SENCO, Mrs Courtenay. In the event that your issue cannot be resolved by the above staff, you may wish to speak to a Deputy Head. These are:

  • Miss Turner - Deputy Head Academic (for issues relating to academics, assessment, teaching and learning)
  • Miss Riddoch - Deputy Head Pastoral (for issues relating to behaviour, bullying, or safeguarding and mental health)

You should contact Mr Wareing, the Business Manager for financial or operational issues, and headteacher, Mrs Crookes for any issues which have been unable to be resolved with other senior staff.

To get in touch with the above staff, please speak to the school office.