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The Pointer School is proud to be one of a very few Prep schools to offer a wide range of scholarships to our pupils. These are awarded to pupils in Year 1 and above (aged 6 and older) in the following fields: academic, creative (music, drama or art), sports, chess, and languages.

Scholarships are usually awarded to current pupils of the school, though they may be applied for upon entry to the school in exceptional circumstances. This must be mentioned during the application process.

Scholarships for our current pupils are awarded based on teacher nomination. A nomination does not necessarily mean that a scholarship award will be made. Nominations are reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team, and those deemed to be most deserving will be awarded a scholarship, to start the following term. The selection criteria are highly rigorous:

  • Academic scholarships are only awarded to children who are consistently working at a level which is significantly beyond that of their yeargroup and who achieve top results in assessments.
  • Sports, creative and chess scholarships will only be awarded to those who access these co-curricular facilities at school, and who are willing to represent the school in their scholarship field if required. Candidates for these scholarships must be able to demonstrate their ability through Awards and Grades achieved.
  • Languages scholarships are awarded if the pupil shows an outstanding ability in a language that is not their mother tongue.

The Head’s decision on scholarship awards is final.

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