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Pointers Pupils

Pointers Pupils

At Pointers we pride ourselves on developing pupils who are self-confident and generous in spirit. We do not believe in selecting pupils based on academic ability: we are an inclusive school for all. Instead, we look for pupils who are intellectually curious, enthusiastic to learn, and keen to take advantage of the co-curricular opportunities that Pointers has to offer. You will notice a Pointers pupil for their kindness and resilience but also for their good sense of humour and happy nature. We raise all our pupils in the Christian faith but enjoy a diverse community that includes pupils from all religions.

We are reflective of London in our international make-up with pupils coming from across the world! We have pupils and parents from every continent (less Antarctica, that remains an aim!). Over a quarter of our pupils are bi-lingual and many are even tri-lingual.

The Pointer School Way

We are unashamedly ambitious for each and every pupil at our school. We focus on getting every boy and girl into the right secondary school without preconceived notions of where they should study post 11 plus. Typically our pupils choose to go on to some of the most selective Independent schools in the country, including the likes of Alleyn's, City of London, Dulwich College, JAGS, Eltham College, St Dunstan's, and Colfe's. We also have strong links with the GDST schools: Blackheath High, Bromley High, and Sydenham High.

We prepare pupils for the Grammar school exams, and in recent years pupils have gone on to Newstead Wood, Townley Grammar, Dartford Grammar, and Bexley Grammar. Some of our pupils go on to boarding school at places like Cobham Hall and increasingly we have pupils selecting schools that develop specific talents, such as Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Secondary Destinations

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