Ethos & Aims

Our Ethos and Aims

Our Ethos and Aims
At The Pointer School we are:

  • Christian and community focused. Our pupils grow up with a sense of belonging and respect for the diverse world that we live in.
  • Character driven. Our pupils are resilient and have a strong sense of self-efficacy and integrity. They all achieve more than they first thought possible. Our staff have high expectations instilling a caring attitude, good manners and confidence in all pupils. 
  • Academically rich. We offer a charmingly traditional school curriculum that is also progressive and forward-thinking. We prepare our intellectually-curious pupils for the right senior school and we are unashamedly ambitious for each and every student.
  • More than just a classroom. We believe in a holistic approach to education and our bespoke co-curricular programme allows all pupils to find their interests outside the classroom, whatever they might be.
  • Internationally proud. Our community of pupils, parents and teachers includes over 50 nationalities from six continents (seven remains an ambition!) reflecting modern-day London and the future world our children will lead.
The Pointer School Child

The Pointer School Child

The school’s values are best seen in our three core principles for our pupils. We believe these characteristics to be essential to achieve happiness (with a good sense of humour!), and excellence in the wider world. We expect all our pupils to live and embrace The Pointer School Way, and we encourage and develop our pupils to be:

  • Self-confident and generous in spirit.  Every child experiences the confidence that success brings. They are kind to others, with a deep understanding of Christian values;
  • Well educated. With a love of and passion for learning, intellectually curious and ready to engage with their community;
  • Celebrated for their uniqueness. Every child has the space to grow as their own person and has their individualism championed.

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