Our Food

Organic, Responsibly-Sourced Fresh Meals

Organic, Responsibly-Sourced Fresh Meals

At every meal we offer:

  • A dish using the finest quality organic meat and fish
  • A delicious plant-based (vegan) dish with vegetables delivered daily from local farmers
  • Fresh salad and crudités
  • Dessert and/or fresh fruit

Direct from the Rhug Estate

All our meat is proudly supplied directly from the Rhug Estate in North Wales. Rhug Estate has the highest standards of animal welfare, their animals are bred on the Estate farm and fed on feed grown on the farm; meaning that Rhug is one of the few true soil to fork operations in the UK.

As well as supplying many of the top Michelin star restaurants in the country, Rhug hold a prestigious Royal Warrant.

Rhug Estate

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