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Autumn Term Medals

Autumn Term Medals

Dec 11, 2020

Every term we celebrate our wonderful children with a Medals Assembly! All staff, from teachers to office and club leaders, are invited to nominate children for badges. Mr Greenwood then chooses a winner from the list of nominations. This year, in conjunction with the introduction of the Pointer School Way curriculum, we have introduced new medals. Our winners for this term were:

Headmaster’s Badge – Sophia (Year 1)

Role Model Badge – Alex (Year 5)

Personal Achievement – William (Year 6)

Creativity Badge – Thomas (Reception)

Excellence Badge – Roberto (Year 3)

Resilience Badge – India (Year 1)

Character badges - Cicely (Reception), Sebastian (Year 1), Max (Year 2), Joseph (Year 3), Torin (Year 4), Vedhav (Year 5) and Catherine-Ava  (Year 6)

Chess trophy - Gaurav (year 5)

Music trophy - Lidia (Year 4) and Blake (Reception)

PE trophy - Yunus (Year 5)

French trophy - Athene (Year 3)

Dance trophy - Giorgia (Year 1)